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Our methodology, Kordian Delivery Framework,  consist of several building blocks aligned with every stage of an investement or an M&A transaction

Kordian Delivery Framework

Proprietary methodology and set of best practices addressing every phase of the investment cycle.
Short Chance Analysis

Initial Investment Analysis

Example services
  • Identification of potential investment red flags
  • Identification and brief assessment of the top three competitive advantages
  • Brief competitive analysis of a marketplace
  • Identification of technology fit
  • Finding a technology solution
  • Finding an add-on
  • Assessment of delivery capability for startups
  • Establishing report with target company
Structured Information Technology Evaluation

Technology Due Diligence

Example services
  • Development Process Analysis
  • Development Tools Analysis
  • Team Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Technology replacement costs
  • Technology barriers of entry
  • Infrastructure and hosting review
  • Support process review
  • Investments and Improvement Required
  • Business Continuity and DR
  • Technology support for business
Structure Product Opportunity Transformation

Commercial Due Diligence

Example services
  • Competitive marketplace analysis (size, segmentation, growth potential)
  • Market trends analysis
  • Unique value proposition analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Research among target customers
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Target competitive positioning
  • Delivery analysis
Transformation Managmeent

Transformation Management / Implementing Change

Example services
  • Creation and implementation of transition plans
  • Integration workshops
  • Interim technology management
  • Identifications and eductaion of change leaders
  • Advisory services to change management teams
Kordian Optimum Return on Technology

Information Technology Optimization

Example services
  • Reduction of technology costs
  • Cloud enablement and implementation of cloud-based solutions
  • Simplification of IT Architecture
  • Redesign and standarization of business processes supported by technology
  • Standard Resource Models (SRMs) development

We help along the way, here is how



SITE incorporates several innovative techniques which help us assess, visualize and present difficult concepts to our client audience.

Team Engagement

The team engagement process may comprise up to three steps:

Initial Assessment

Determines detailed scope, the approach and personnel requirements.


SITE team is formally assembled. A detailed action plan is finalized. Sourcing methods are named and presented; custom questionnaires are forwarded to appropriate people.

On-site assessment

On-site activities proposed and detailed during pre-evaluation phase are conducted. This may include evaluation sessions, interviews, workshops.

Structured Delivery

The aim is not merely to deliver a report, but to communicate findings. This is why all area reports are submitted for comments to appropriate people within the target organization.

The final document presentation is held, as well as Q&A sessions to ensure all findings and implications are correctly understood and can be used in a meaningful way by the management.

Due Diligence Report Preparation

  • Area reports with score cards are prepared and submitted for comments to appropriate people.
  • All findings and recommendations are compiled into a SITE Due Diligence report.
  • Executive Summary is created.

Report Presentation

  • Comments to area reports are addressed in final versions of all the documents.
  • Report is presented to the client.
  • Q&A sessions follow as required to assure proper delivery.

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